Local author’s book makes for a ‘Stella’ film

Thursday, 18 July 2013 11:25
By ReGINA “G STYL” CRAWFORD Contributing Writer Sleek.  Intelligent.  Powerful.  Fearless.  The black panther.  Author.  Playwright.  Model.  Fashion designer.  Homegrown.  Stella Hall. Better known on a first name only basis, Stella is the CEO of BlacPanther Publications. And, the same description used when talking about the jungle cat can also be used to describe this young woman who is making her mark on the world.  Her novel, “Swing Lowe Sweet Chariote” was adapted into a screenplay by Home Works Independent Cinema (HWIC) Filmworks and premiered at Solon Cinemas June 24. She also has a couple of other novels, as well as three stage plays under her belt. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Communication with a concentration in broadcasting, and as a model has been featured in national and local magazines, newspapers and billboards throughout Cleveland, as well as other major cities around the country.  So how did she become an author?  “My love was always in music and hip-hop; but getting older I needed to stay in an entertainment field,” said Stella on how she began writing. Two of her plays were produced in Atlanta, and the third play was produced here in Cleveland, which is how she became affiliated with HWIC Filmworks.  She was introduced to company heads by a mutual acquaintance. After being impressed with their work, she contracted them to film her third play for DVD release. She was not a part of the filmmaking process, so her first time seeing her work transferred from the page to the big screen was at the at the 2013 Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival (GCUFF).  “It was amazing because the way that [the director] shot the film, it was almost like Hollywood,” Stella said as she expressed her feelings on seeing the movie for the first time.  “I didn’t know what to honestly expect. So, what I saw, I thought it was amazing.”  Although the novel is fictional, it is loosely based on true life, and its transformation from the page to the screen was phenomenal and it seems as though a true partnership has been forged between Stella and HWIC. “Swing Lowe Sweet Chariote” had the audience looking forward to what HWIC will produce next. Stella self-published her first book, “A Bridge of No Return”, and then created BlacPanther Publications prior to publishing “Swing Lowe Sweet Chariote.”  Her third novel, “Trio,” is already on the market, and she has three other novels in the works due to be released in the very near future.  Keep an eye out for those, and maybe some possible future movies from those novels. Even though she is currently only publishing her own work, she does have plans to publish others down the road. “Right now I’m only publishing my work, and that’s simply because I wanted to make sure that my name was out there so if I choose anyone it’s just like a Triple Crown or Cocktail or Zane,” said Stella about the path she’s chosen to take her company down.  “My people won’t have to suffer.  I will have the notoriety to get them through the door,” she added. Along with completing her upcoming novels, Stella is also working on an upcoming multi-city book tour.  Having already seen the movie, I can honestly say it’s a movie worth seeing.  However, if you can’t make the premier, you can get the latest movie updates on the web site www.swinglowemovie.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SwingLoweSweetChariote. You can keep up with Stella at her web site www.StellaHall.com or on her personal Facebook page www.facebook.com/stella.hall.92. Article Source: http://www.callandpost.com/index.php/entertainment/books/3473-local-authors-book-makes-for-a-stella-film

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