Swing Lowe in Pittsburgh PA on March 27th

Swing Flyer

Swing Lowe at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont PA March 27th

Cleveland’s BIGGEST urban movie ever, Swing Lowe Sweet Chariote, will be visiting Pittsburgh, PA on March 27th at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont (5 minutes from Downtown). If you live in or around the Pittsburgh area don’t miss this opportunity to see our celebrated semi-underground movie that keeps picking up steam as time goes on. Also, some of the cast and crew (including award-winning director David C. Snyder) will be in attendance to meet and greet everyone. Remember, ONE NIGHT ONLY, So don’t miss it!


  1. It was a great movie! Are they working on part 2?

    • Not at the moment, Keeley. The author of the first novel, Cleveland’s Own Stella, is still writing the follow up book!

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