The Quiet Arrangement


Prominent lawyer Walter Briggs comes home to a ringing telephone. He is told by a distorted voice on the other end of the line that his wife has been kidnapped. The only way that he can get her back is to pay a ransom of money that no one else is supposed to know about…

Mr. Parks is a professional criminal who is all about the business.  He is thorough and loyal and wants to keep everything as simple as possible. However, he also has some issues in his private life that threaten to derail everything that he is working on…

Detective Jack Simons has been undercover for a long time. He needs just one more bust before he can resurface and take back his life. But, just as he and his partner set everything up for a sting operation, everything goes wrong. The two cops find themselves on the short end of an escalating situation that they have no comprehension of. And then things get interesting…

Rick Fields does odd jobs for questionable people. He is defined by a terrible incident in his past that weighs on him and everything that he does. His latest gig finds him watching over the kidnapped wife of a prominent lawyer. It was supposed to be one last job so that he could get away and start his life over, but things never go according to plan…

A dark independent thriller that follows the exploits of criminals of varying stripes who are involved in a growing web of deceit and double-crosses, The Quiet Arrangement’s dominant visual tone, a kind of grey wash, is not only physically ominous, but symbolically so, mirroring the foggy morality of its characters’ world.  Ethical ambiguity runs rampant throughout the piece, and viewers are left to their own devices when sorting-out the “bad” guys from the “good”.

Written and directed by award winning short filmmaker and music video director David C. Snyder, The Quiet Arrangement features an impressive cast of up and coming talent including singer/ actor Kyle Jason (City Teacher, Dirty Shield), Rob Stone (End Game), Kevin M. Hayes, Christina Simkovich, Julian Hicks, and Joseph D. Lane. The film also features a notable guest appearance by legendary Hiphop icon Chuck D of Public Enemy.

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Awards – The Quiet Arrangement

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THE QUIET ARRANGEMENT Description (from the IMDb): When the wife of prominent lawyer Walter Briggs is kidnapped, he decides to take matters into…

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Video – Chuck D on The Quiet Arrangement

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